Yes, Satan lives!!!

How do we know? .

We see the spirit of Satan reflected in the destructive actions of people who are motivated by greed, hatred, bigotry, dishonesty, violence, and who otherwise fail to even attempt to live by the Golden Rule. (See

What types of behavior bring the spirit of Satan to life?

Of course murder is one but also promoting or participating in the death penalty.

Being unkind to other people, animals, or God's Creation, reflect the spirit of Satan and not that of God.

Can Satan be defeated?

Absolutely!!! Every time a person changes an action from one that would make God sad and Satan happy to an action that would make Satan angry and make God smile, Satan suffers a defeat.

Following are a few examples of ways to defeat Satan:

1. Satan loves the destruction of our world's forests because forest destruction causes flooding, extinction, global warming, skin cancer and other negatives that make the spirit of Satan rejoice. If you own forestland and someone tries to get you to clear-cut your forest, just say NO!!!

2. Satan loves overpopulation, because too many people in too little space causes starvation, warfare, extinctions, disease, poverty, and pestilence. Helping to provide family planning education to the people of the world helps to defeat Satan because smaller families allow for extra food, educational opportunities, less poverty and reduce one of the principal causes of strife.

3. Satan loves killing, assault, child abuse, rape, and other forms of violence. If families, instead of playing violent video games, watching violent sports, and killing wild animals, would spend quality time, walking in the park, watching birds, taking pictures of wildlife, painting pretty pictures, and pursuing other positive activities, Satan would be defeated in many ways.

We can defeat Satan!!! By our positive actions we can cause his death in our hearts and souls and the world will become a kinder and gentler place. That is what will make God happy.

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